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Some Thing Different

Today’s a day off; it’s one of those winters again that a day off is so strange and alien that it feels like I’m doing something wrong. I should be working, climbing, biking, finding more work, training, selling my self on social media, checking the weather, checking conditions, checking what everyone else has been doing (fomo). I’m not allowed to rest; am I? I know what my wise wife would say, “you do too much”! Yet, somehow it never feels like enough………

I read a blog post that caught my attention last night by Erin Bastion, I found myself laying in bed this morning thinking about it. Be yourself, do whats right for you, don’t just follow others, make and follow your own path. Wise words from Erin and oh so true, but that’s not an easy task in it’s self!

I often feel that I need to create more of a life for myself, do more, see more, be more and it can get you down. We all know social media adds to this by creating a 24/7 ability to see the great times everyone else is enjoying. Thus fuelling the 21st century illness of FOMO (fear of missing out)!

Sometimes all I really need is a reality check, also known as a good kick up the arse; I’ve got my health and fitness, when others do not or their time on this planet has been cut cruelly short. I’ve got an amazing wife, friend, partner, someone that puts up with my bad points and seems to enjoy the good. I’m an International Mountain Guide who works for half the year at the Scottish National Centre and half the year for himself. I get to take people into the outdoor world on adventures that are often life time achievements for them and I’m lucky enough to say it’s just another day at work. I get to spend time alongside some of the most accomplished performers in there field both at play and at work, many of whom I can call friends.

Life ain’t always easy but it can always be a whole lot harder!

Tomorrow the alarm will wake me, I’ll pick up my rucksack and collect my client. We’ll do battle with the wildness that is this years Scottish winter and climb a good route. Clients often say “how lucky you are to do what you do”, my inside answer is always; luck had nothing to do with it, I’ve worked bloody hard to get to where I am. But the outside answer is always; “yes, I am lucky” and this is the truth really. I may have worked hard to get here but life could have taken so many other twists and turns that could have stopped me short. So yes I have been lucky and yes I do count myself lucky.

So the next time you here me pissing and moaning about being tired or the conditions and weather are shite, just give me a nudge and I’ll know…………


Standard winter 2016 conditions…….

When the weather and conditions are good and the clients are keen to climb and wanting more.... Then yes I am lucky!

When the weather and conditions are good and the clients are keen to climb and wanting more…. Then yes; I am lucky!


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  1. Simon ⋅

    Thought you gave up blogging – welcome back!

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