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Here we go Again!

Not sure how long I’ll keep the blogging going this time but might as well put up some pics so folks can get an idea of how it looks in the Northern Cairngorm’s just now.

The following photos are from Friday 20th of Dec whilst we were out on staff training with Glenmore Lodge. Our mission for the day was to locate new venues that would work well on Winter Mountain Leader courses as well as Winter Skills courses and Mountaineering courses. I would say our mission was a success.


Looking South into the Larig Ghru


Some of the deeper snow accumulations


If you cant fight the wind you might as well have fun in it!

Today (22/12/13) I was working for Cairngorm Mountain Guides with two clients, Haydn and Liam. Our goal for the day was to climb something without being blown away or getting stuck in a snow drift!


Walking into Sneachda today in blue sky’s and strong winds. Not bad weather conditions in the morning though.


Looking across the Mess o Pottage, with climbers on Opening Break, The Message and you can just see Scott G on the Haston line.

Lots of snow on ledges and lesser angles today but the rock was quite dry and black. There is snow and ice blocking up a lot of the cracks though.


Moving up into Hidden Chimney.


There was a wee bit of suffering going on today!

If anyone is looking for any winter Instruction or Guiding over the holiday period I still have some availability, feel free to get in touch.

Happy Christmas everyone. Chadders 🙂

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