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Turkish bolt clipping in Antalya

Drinking fountain on the road to the climbing areas

Thats me now well settled in to day five of a nice limestone climbing, bolt clipping holiday out here in Antalya, Turkey.

Before I left to come out here I had an opportunity to deliver an after dinner lecture on my adventures to a packed audience of students at Glenmore Lodge on the MC of S, Student Safety Seminar. I always get really nervous about speaking to a large audience even though my job involves a large amount of classroom and lecture based delivery. The inner belief that I will some how totally mess it up often overrules the confidence of knowing I can do the job.

Despite all of this inner angst, what ever happens happened and it seemed to go down really well. Speaking about times in your life that have strong and enjoyable memories always makes the job so much easier. I kept folks entertained with stories and photo’s from the Old Man of Hoy, a winter traverse of the Cuillin Ridge, skiing the gullies in the northern Corries and the North Face of the Eiger. This was closely followed by a fun and entertaining evening in the Lodge bar.

Me disappearing into the depths of the cave roof

This is is my first trip out to Turkey and it’s not been disappointing, so much climbing, on so many crags and all with-in walking distance of our flat.

Olive harvest time

The first four days of climbing have been good, with many fine routes up to 7a getting climbed. The only thing holding me back is the fear of falling off. I had been working on this quite a bit back in the UK taking good falls at the wall and getting my head into taking whippers. It appears that it does not transfer that well (for me) to the outdoors!

Greig getting some good air miles!

After a rest day today, there’s going to be no excuse, I’m just going to have to get on it!

Greig cranking hard through some steepness

The walk to the crags

After each good days cragging we deserve some of this……




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