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I never really intended for my blog to be a winter only blog, it’s not that I don’t do stuff during the summer. I guess I have more time to play with in the evenings when the nights start closing in and the weather is cold and ming like outside.

It has however started to put down the white stuff in the hills and yes I went out to see how it was shaping up. On Tuesday I walked in with Gordon and if you were super keen or super desperate you could have climbed something steep and whitish but we decided to save it for when winter strikes back. So we opted for taking our big bags for a walk! I went back in again on Wednesday with Dunc and we slithered our way up Faicaill Corrie an t-Sneachda, no crampons needed really but nice and snowy.

Looking at the forecast for the next week it’s mildish for a few days but then it talks about it getting much colder later in the week. Watch this space……

Just to remind us that we did have some good summer this year. Dunc high up on Angel Face E2 5c, Far East Walls, Beinn Eighe

This Wednesday up on Faicaill Corrie an t-Sneachda

It even cleared slightly for us

A pair of Grouse low down in the Corrie

Looking up to the crags in Sneachda last Tuesday, not quite white enough to climb on????????

Climbing at Gogarth at the start of the month, rock climbing can’t quite be finished yet, can it?


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