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Paddling, Climbing and some more alpine action

Staff training with Glenmore lodge was excellent last week, I managed two good days cragging, a river day, a staff training and meetings day and a day sea paddling at the Grey Dogs.

The cragging days were at Glen Nevis and Ardnamurchan, the river days were on the Loy and the Arkaig two new rivers to me and the sea paddling day was surfing some good waves at the tidal race of the Grey Dogs.

This weekend I’ve been out playing on the river Feshie with a good mate followed by a wee forearm burning session bouldering at the Old Bridge.

Tomorrow takes me off down to Glasgow then a flight out of Edinburgh to Munich on Tuesday. For what will hopefully be an excellent multi day ski tour in and around the Ortler Alps for a week. I’ll let you know how it all goes?

Jon Jones cranking in Ardnamurchan

JJ enjoying the incredible friction at Ardnamurchan



One response to “Paddling, Climbing and some more alpine action

  1. Al Brightman ⋅

    Hi there, Your blog has some great photos and potentially useful info for those of us looking to head out in the hills. I can’t see a date against the posts though – am I missing something? Without a date, the info isn’t much use to me for the purposes of planning a trip. Any chance of adding dates to them in future?

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