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Staff training out West

I’m now based over in the Fort William for this week on five days of staff training with the instructors from Glenmore Lodge. So far we’ve had a couple of excellent days with some sun drenched climbing in Glen Nevis on Monday, followed by some paddling action today. We paddled two new rivers for me, the Loy and the Arkaig both classic west coast rivers.

Me on 'All Our Yesterdays' E1 5b**, great crack climbing. (Photo by Giles Trussell)

Doug Cooper enjoying the early rapids on a low Loy

Giles Trussle dropping into the main event of the Arkaig

Pete Gwatkin, styling through at the end of the main event on the Arkaig

Me, making a face on one of the bigger rapids on the Loy

Doug Cooper punching through on the Arkaig

New snow fell last night down to about 400 – 500m with the hills all around the West coast looking wintery. It’s really hard just now to know whether we are in Spring, Winter or Summer?

Hoping to get out rock climbing the next few days with some sea paddling later on this week, we’ll see what the weather deals us……



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