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The Hoarmaster VI-6 in mega wintery nick

Wading in through loads of fresh in the company of Andy Nisbit, Jonathan Preston and Dunc Hodgson. Making our way to Corie an Lochan


Dunc tucked in under Number 3 Buttress, we all were amazed at the amount of winter that had stuck to the crags

Dunc getting stuck into Hookers Corner, we backed off this due to to much rime ice. Eyes getting glued closed, hard to breath and s**t loads of clearing. "Not today thanks"!

We then opted for The Hoarmaster (VI-6), this is quite a pokey wee route. Again lots of digging and trying to remember how to winter climb!

Dunc cranking it out at the 1st belay

Jonathan Preston and Andy Nisbit cruising up Fall Out Corner. Number 4 Buttress looking well wintery

Happy to be finished, it was way more wintery than anyone had expected and felt like we were back in the depths of a proper winter again!

The view into the Northern Cairngorms from my house this evening. It's looking like it could be a stunning day tomorrow?


One response to “The Hoarmaster VI-6 in mega wintery nick

  1. From an envious MIC working out of Central Scotland: what a great time you guys are having! Just make sure you don’t scrape too much of the hoar off the crags in case I get leave of absence’ from family duties.

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