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Back in Scotland and off Winter Climbing

24hrs of near non stop driving carried us from a dull and snowy Chamonix and returned us to the bright and snow covered mountains over looking Aviemore.

Kenny Grant finding some fresh remote tracks.

Our ski touring adventure over in the West Bernese was initially delayed by a day due to poor weather so we hung out in Les Diablerets trying to tour locally and drinking beer. The beer drinking was purely just to pass the time, none of us really enjoyed it……. 🙂

The never ending ridge of impressively steep mud covered with some snow. Fun!

We managed to get up through the lift systems the next day and were unleashed onto a powder covered mountain range none of us had ever visited before. Just what ski touring should be about.

It was a tour of two half’s, one half being dream snow at times on great mountains the other being poor snow on steep, awkward hills.

Bright early morning skinning conditions

Both days we tried to top out on a 3000m+ top but both days we where beaten back due to avalanche threats and tough snow conditions.

The biggest avalanche, remotely triggered by us and passed just behind the last person!

With the weather getting really bad on the third day, lots of wind and even more snow. It was not a tough decision to abandon the tour and bail out to the nearest wee village.

We had some good skiing high up, quickly followed by some warmed up, deep ming crud for most of the rest of the ski out 🙂

Once we arrived back in Chamonix another night on the beers was called for to help console ourselves after not finishing the tour. The next morning in the haze of a hangover and all the weather forecast confirming a rubbish forecast for the next while. It was time to quit the Alps and come home.

Back here though it’s been snowing off and on for the last few days, with some really big snow showers coming through. The hills look more wintery than they have for most of the winter. So I’ve unpacked my alpine stuff and re-packed my winter climbing bag ready for a weekend scratching about in the Northern Cories. We’ll see what we get done………


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