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Creag Meagaidh Ice, Crud, Gloop

Corrie Ardair with many routes just about in.

Jon, Giles and myself had a ridiculously early start for Creag Meagaidh this morning, well it felt super early anyway. We where also supposed to be in the good company of Phil Sanderson but he succumbed to some extra slippy ice early this morning and had to bow out.

I had a strange wanting to go and shuffle sideways for two and a half kilometers round Corrie Ardair after talking with some friends about the Crab Crawl. It was not to be as temperatures proved to be about zero degrees in the Corrie and most of the snows where still soft.

Approaching the Wand V-5** and Diadem V-4*

We chose to go high and look at Diadem which non of us had climbed before, from afar it looked good and up close it still looked good. Once established on the route it proved to have some good ice, some cruddy snow and everything in between. I lead the first main couple of pitches in a 60m pitch, and from here JJ, Giles and myself bailed off an ice thread hoping to take in the Wand as well.

The wand being a slightly steeper route was in even poorer condition and after some thin climbing by JJ we opted to head home. All three of us have climbed the Wand before so there was no real incentive to be overly brave!

I then headed up to the Inverness climbing wall with Deziree to get my full fix of climbing for the day.

Jon Jones arriving at the belay after the steeper ice / snow / crud!

The Pumpkin had a number of teams on it as did some of the post faces and some easier gully lines. Conditions where not great but many lines are in but only just. The routes could do with a proper freeze to bring them back to good nick.

Giles Trussel letting the ice know who's Boss!

Jon Jones about to decide that the ice on this Wand aint magic!

Majestic Meggy looking fine for the walk out.


One response to “Creag Meagaidh Ice, Crud, Gloop

  1. Jennifer M ⋅

    It came to me that ‘Ice, Crud and Gloop’ would be an excellent name for an ‘Earth. Wind and Fire’ tribute band. Sadly you may be too young to know who they were……or get the joke.

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