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Back Out on the Bike

Date: 11th/02/2012

I was back out on my mountain bike today with Deziree exploring the many sections of single track around Badaguish. This is a sure sign of how poor the current winter conditions have become. With freezing level high above the tops and rain coming down today, conditions are very poor just now.

With all that said, come tomorrow the temps around the Northern Cairngorms are due to drop and there looks like a return to some snowy conditions next week. COME ON WINTER, PLEASE………

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to try and find some high ice to scale tomorrow, we’ll see what happens!

Another acceptable Cairngorms view

Some photo’s taken whilst out on the snow hole expedition part of the Winter ML training last week. We were out over Tuesday and Wednesday. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this anymore!

Team winter ML off for a nights snow holing


A stunning full moon rising above Loch Avon


Honestly there were some poor navigation conditions....


hmm, which way now?

A palatial snow hole, glad we didn't have to dig it!



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