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West is Not Best

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Date: 28th / 01 / 2012

Something is not quite right with my computer this evening so only one photo will upload from todays North West mission.

The view across to Torridon from the 1st belay

Andy Sharp and I planned what we thought would be a blue sky, stunning day up in the North West, last night. When we arrived in the car park this morning to find the road icy we were confident it would be game-on with ‘Tango in the Night’ (VI-7****) up on Sgorr Ruadh. It was not to be:(

With poorish conditions, temperature sitting about 0 degrees, exposed turf frozen and some buried turf still soft, we opted for ‘The Last Waltz’ (V-VI**). I’ll be honest it is not the best route I’ve ever climbed, probably one of the worst routes I’ve ever climbed!

I’m thinking of some sun kissed rock tomorrow and taking a break from the white winter wonderland!




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