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Wet To My Pants Again

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Date: 25th/01/2012

Today was wet, everything was wet, the rock, the ropes, the ice, my pants, socks, everything……

Still Iain and Joe from RAF Leuchars MRT showed good sprit and we spent the day looking at best practice in teaching climbing techniques in winter. I’m working for Glenmore Lodge this week and will be back out again tomorrow with Iain and Joe for another day of rope work, hopefully this time in dry wintery conditions?

Navigation in the 'White Room'

Monday and Tuesday had me assessing some folks on there winter Navigation and I’m pleased to say both candidates past.

Some nice light through the Lairaig Ghru (Monday)

Climbing conditions have been excellent but it’s all gone wrong today, looking at the forecast this is only a minor blip before winter returns. 🙂

Sneachda today, a major melt down happening


Joe from RAF Leuchars Mountain Rescue, getting a good soaking!


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