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Creagan Cha no a Busy Crag!

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Date: 22nd/01/2012

Modern Day Navigation, map + compass, Blackberry (for Grid. Ref.), IPhone for mapping GPS!

Yesterday when we made plans to visit the new Creagan Cha-No winter venue we thought we were being reasonably original. Arriving at the car park this morning to see at least three other teams heading up the ridge we knew we would not be alone.

Cha-Not so quiet a crag!

A total of six teams were climbing there today, two teams where working, instructing clients and the rest where just out to climb. Most teams enjoyed the routes already established while one team seemed determined on new ground being explored. Resulting in a mixed bag of backing off, falling off and some success, all very sociable though.

Me starting to realise that this is not going to be easy! (Photo: Mike Brownlow)

Jon Jones, Mike Brownlow and myself opted for Flaked Out (VI-7) and Anvil Corner (VI-6), both these routes packed a punch for what looks like steady climbing from the ground.

I’m never a fan of off-width’s and was questioning why I had chosen to warm up on Flaked Out, then JJ read out about Simon Richardson falling on the first ascent, I guess the words helped me to concentrate!

Me, wondering if this is the place that Simon Richardson came off at? (Photo: Mike Brownlow)

Both routes proved to be well worth the short walk in and provided some tough, enjoyable and worthy climbing. It was agreed that this will be an excellent venue for quick hits and I’m sure we’ll be back there soon.

Mike Brownlow happy to be finishing the off-width

Mike B on the top pitch of 'Flaked Out' (one of the shortest pitches in the world!)

Jon Jones getting involved with ‘Anvil Corner'(VI-6)

Mike B nearing the end of Anvil Corner (an excellent pitch!)

J.J. Happy at the top of his pitch

Enjoying the short down hill walk-out 🙂 (Photo: Mike Brownlow)

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