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Getting There……

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Date: 20th / 01 / 2012

Lochan looking whiter for sure (today 20th/01/2012)

Lochan looking like 'Game On'

Today was the last of five days guiding work with Gordon, unfortunately his toes had taken a bit of a battering over the last few days. So with the limited conditions we decided on a rope work techniques day at the Glenmore Lodge climbing wall. It was a shame as Coire an Lochan was looking white(ish)!

Some of the racing hounds cruising about Glenmore today

Nathan White and Ian Stuart reported some good conditions on Mess of Pottage, having climb Droideless.

Glenmore forrest was ringing to the sound of baying hounds and will be all weekend. It’s the Siberian husky race this weekend and lots of folks have turned up to race.

A miniature racing mutt (Crazy dog! Just look at its eyes)

"Nice dog.... Good dog..... Stay........"



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