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A Visit Out West and White Shark

My Website:      Date: 17th/01/2012

Good day out with Gordon over at Aonach Mor today. We arrived to West coast drizzle and some fairly warm temperatures. Doubt started to creep in and we questioned whether or not we could get anything climbed. As we climbed to the top of the hill first via the gondola, then the quad chair, then on foot, the temperature dropped and the snow under foot started to harden. Game-On!

We made our way down Easy Gully and round to the base of White Shark (IV-4***), a classic Aonach Mor ice line. Through the mist we could see a line of good ice cutting from the base of the route through to the exit snow slopes, that would do us just fine.

Moving up to the 1st belay, crux pitch awaits!

The climbing was good, some wet ice in places but mostly helpful. The middle main pitch was thin but well travelled, not good for screws but good steep hooky climbing. With sound rock belays this made for the perfect route for Gordon to get back on some steep stuff.

The cornice at the end gave some great sport, it overhangs by a good few metres and would have proved quite serious, if it wasn’t for the hole that some other tunnelling individual had created! With a screw in for good luck we squeezed our way out through the very narrow hole and out on to the summit plateau. Way better than trying to overcome the monster cornice.

"Where, through there?!

Off in to the Norries tomorrow to see what’s white and what’s not!

Gordon bursting forth from the cornice tunnel.




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