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Turbo Thaw Kicks In

It started off as such a stunning day today, beautiful morning with frosted crags and feeling very wintery. Many teams were out enjoying conditions both in Sneachda and Lochan, it looked like lots of routes getting done both easy and some harder routes.

A view from afar as the thaw kicked in 😦

I was working for Glenmore Lodge today running a ‘Sharing Good Practice’ day for Winter ML holders and trainees. We had some ideal conditions to run through and practice all of the needed skills. Unfortunately by later on in the afternoon the freezing level had gone way above the tops, striping the crags in front of our eyes. Rain quickly followed on and finished what had been a perfect winters day, don’t you just love Scottish conditions!

Work shopping some winter skills

I’m working for Phil George  for the next six days running a Winter Mountain Leader training for him. Looks like some mixed weather but enough winter to make it work.


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