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Another Wintery & Windy day in Sneachda

My Guiding and Instructing Company:  Date: 04th/01/12

Today was yet another wild, wintery and windy day in the Corie an t-Sneachda, the wind blasted hard for most of the the time we were in the Corie. It was having a positive effect on the crags bringing them into good winter nick but made climbing and belaying a bit of a suffer fest!

Kev looking like he's enjoying the suffering

There were plenty of other teams out and about today, Mess of Pottage proving to be a popular choice by many teams.

Dave Evan's moving up on the 1st pitch of Droidless (VI-6*)

We decided on Droidless (VI-6*) a route neither Dave E, Nicola or myself have ever climbed. The first pitch was excellent climbing on well spaced good hooks and good gear. Lots of strong winds and snow / spindrift battered us through out the day, sapping warmth and willing.

Nicola seconding the first pitch some wild conditions

After Dave’s lead of the first pitch which involved a reasonable amount of clearing, Nicola and I followed. On reaching the belay it was a team decision to bale out and abseil off. There’s suffering because it’s worth it and suffering when it’s not! Today it proved not to be worth the suffering.

Nicola working out the moves on some of the steeper climbing

Dave E and I are heading out tomorrow, Lochnagar was our intended venue but it’s all sounding and looking a bit uncertain. Our other venue maybe Carn Etchachan tomorrow, we’ll just need to see what all this new snow and wind has done?


One response to “Droidless

  1. gordon ⋅

    It looks wild. Its only 10 days before we climb together. Any chance of producing some blue skies or at least less wind!

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