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Boom! Winter’s Back.

Sneachda back to wintery form and it got whiter as the day went on.

My Website: Elements                                 Date: 29th / 12 / 2011

I was out in Corrie an t-Sneachda today with Steve, who was keen to get his first route in of the season done. Having travelled up from the deep South and spending a day at the Ice Factor yesterday he wanted it to be a good one. Steve had missed out on doing Fingers Ridge (IV-5 ***) last season and was hoping to get it ticked this time around.

Wild, windy and Wintery

The Corrie was busy with lots of climbing teams but we timed it just right onto Fingers and had the route to ourselves. Climbing conditions were excellent, the wind was massive at times though. On several occasions Steve and I found outselves clinging to blocks so as not to be blown off.

Good conditions

Conditions on the whole today are better than I thought they would be. Hardly any new snow has gathered due to the high winds, but lots of rime was building as the day went on and there’s some good neve to be found in the gullies.

Clinging to the fingers as the wind blows hard!

Steve and I are hoping to get into Loch Avon tomorrow to get something bigger and more remote done, we’ve compiled a tick list of classic routes. Looks like a nicer day tomorrow with some more snow coming in later.

Steve looking nice and icy after surviving the harsh winds


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