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Stunning Days Ski Touring on Cairngorm

Date: 10th / 12 / 2011                                                                       Link to my website: Elements

Stunning Early Season Ski Conditions

Today was just one of those days I was not expecting! I had agreed to go skiing when what I really wanted to do was go climbing. I imagined a few runs off Cairngorm rock dodging, ice skating and trying to link a few short patches of snow!

What we got were four awesome runs from Cairngorm, mostly on good soft, fresh snow with a firm base. One of the runs even had us all the way down into the heart of Strath Nethy on increasingly excellent snow. A day full of great surprises and lots of smiles with a few whoops thrown in for good measure. 🙂

Off in search of the fresh snow...

We had a good team out with us today, consisting of some very knowledgeable folks, well experienced in finding the best off piste runs that can be found on Cairngorm after a massive storm. I was amazed how good the skiing conditions were.

Team skin through the ski area

I knew it had to have been a good day as my legs felt well worked on the drive back down the hill and the cake and hot chocolate at the Mountain Cafe didn’t last long at all!

Doug enjoying the Blue Bird day

There were masses of people out enjoying the climbing conditions in the Northern Corries. Reports are of good conditions with a fair amount of clearing needing done.

I’m off out for a climb tomorrow so will report back on my findings. 🙂

Making the most of the fresh soft snow

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