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Looking like a fine weekend ahead

Glenmore Lodge MRT. Signaling with a smoke flare. (Photo by: Bill Strachan,

I’ve been out training with Glenmore Lodge Mountain Rescue Team for the last two days. The weather has kept us away from the high ground but we’ve made the most of the grounds around the Lodge and up towards Ryvoan Bothy.

Working the Stretcher on a simple Guide Line set-up

The weather today was nowhere near as bad as the forecast predicted, looking up into the Northern Corries today it seemed like climbing conditions might be excellent. There were also reports of some good snow for skiing off the back of Cairngorm, the runs not being very long but good fun.

What happens if you don't have a handy anchor!

I’m off out over the weekend to make the most of a couple of days off, fingers crossed I’ll be able to fit in a climbing day and a ski touring day. Saturday looks like the best of the two days. It’s worth mentioning that the avalanche hazard might be quite high just now, there’s not masses of snow about but some of it may be quite unstable. Check out the Scottish Avalanche Information Service for updated information.

One of the realistic exercises in realistic conditions! (Photo by: Bill Strachan,



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