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New Website Launched plus a good route today

Here it is folks- my brand new website Elements . You can now have a look at all the great courses on offer through out the Winter and the Summer. If you’ve ever thought about booking on a Winter or Summer course, have a look through my website and see if you can find what you’re looking for.

It’s brand new so if you have any feedback, positive or constructive ,I’d be keen to hear what you think.

If some of the routes that you can see on my Blog inspire you and you would like to have a go on routes like these, I still have some dates available over the festive period and into the New Year. If you’re looking for some less vertical Winter action, drop me an email. Elements can also provide Winter Skills, Avalanche Awareness and Winter Mountaineering courses.

Carl enjoying nice ice on pitch 1

I had a great day out today with fellow Glenmore Lodge Instructors Jon J and Carl. We wandered into Sneachda looking for a shortish day but something to interest us. The weather was fine, hardly any wind only a few very cold blasts later on in the day, one very small snow shower and some great climbing conditions.

Carl finishing off the last few moves of pitch 2

No one had been up ‘Pot of Gold’ recently so we opted for this, all three of us had climbed it at some stage in the dim and distant past but it’s such a good route we were happy to climb it again.

Conditions where excellent with the lower slabs holding large quantities of ice, enough to even get a screw into if we had taken one! The rock was a lot less glued up with ice on the steeper stuff, making the climbing steadier and less tenuous than in Lochan.

Jon J making some thin moves on pitch 3

Each pitch has some great climbing, never too hard and you can always see your next ledge when you are on the thinner moves. The first pitch is a good warm up and the final two pitches give some great V-6 climbing.

Having not left Glenmore Lodge before 0900 we where back in the ski car park before 1430. The joys of climbing in the Northern Corries, later starts with early finishes. Think I need to start suffering more!

A Team at the top of 'Jacob's Right Hand'

Off out again with Dunc tomorrow, going to burst the Northern Corries bubble and head over the back for for a look. Looks like I’ll need to be out of my bed before 0800 for this one! 😦

4 responses to “New Website Launched plus a good route today

  1. Tim ⋅

    Hey Chadders,
    Don’t think of it as suffering, just a more rounded day out! Anyway, you’ll be spending enough time in those Corries. Hope to see you guys again soon.
    Good luck, Tim

  2. we all deserve mellow , and fun days Chadders…. the sufferfestagonyscaredgoingonfortoolong days are a good balance though!

  3. Good report and pics…
    Might take pegs and sharpen my axes and crampons!

    Cheers Ron

  4. Carl Haberl ⋅

    Hey Chadders,
    Nice Pictures. Was a great day. Hope you have a good day over the back tomorrow. Just looking at Web site, Looks great. Really easy to navigate.

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