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North West maybe not so Good?

I’ve been busy this weekend with a Mountain Leader Training Directors day at Glenmore Lodge on Saturday and a mornings work today for Wilderness Scotland, followed by an Inverness wall hit.

The snows been falling on and off here in Aviemore today, the West seems to be getting the main hit of snow. Looks like a large dump falling on the West tonight.

Reports are coming in of good climbing up on the Ben over the weekend and not too many folks around as well. Rare times indeed, good conditions and quite climbs on the Ben, it wont be like this for long.

Matt Stygle and Keith Ball returned from Beinn Eighe today having walked into Corrie Mhic Fhearchair to find a black crag and no real climbing conditions, despite snow being down to road level and some ice forming on the crag. They also reported lots of grauple lying in the corrie. A good bit of winter training, taking a big climbing bag for a long walk and then back again!

Conditions in the Northern Corries still prove to be icy in places with greater and greater deposits of Snow starting to build up. Plenty routes are getting done in Sneachda and Lochan as well as a keen few seeking out the great routes on the upper tier of Carn Etchachan.

Conditions are going to be changing all the time just now with this new snow coming in, hopefully it will not be accompanied by strong winds as well?

Off out tomorrow for a wee look about and hopefully a good route as well. Going to stay East tomorrow and hope to head North West Tuesday and Wednesday if it’s looking better.

Nice Winter Conditions from 2011(last winter)


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