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Occidental Discovery

Walking into No. 4 Buttress

Deziree, Dunc and myself made for Corrie an Lochan again today. It’s hard to find a route in the Northern Corries that Dunc has not done before, below grade 8!

The start of the icy corner

After much deliberation and “I don’t minds” we agreed on an esoteric route called ‘Occidental Discovery, V-7’. It crosses ‘Western Route’ at the party ledge and cuts straight up the corner behind before pulling out left.

Moving out from the roof into the fine crack

It gave some good steep climbing on some very iced and glued up rock. Some wobbles and some “watch me’s” got me across the traverse, around the roof then into the fine corner.

Deziree starting to enjoy the climbing on the fine corner

From here on the route was a wee bit vague and seeing how I had forgotten my head torch and we had not started climbing till after 1100 (not an Alpine start!). We decided to head down.

Dunc searching for a way up

Great route though, well worth at least one star for the crux corner pitch. One to go and do.


4 responses to “Occidental Discovery

  1. Great information, stay safe.

  2. Keith Waddell ⋅

    Mark if even you can forget your head torch, there’s hope for me yet. 😉 Great pics, hope it stays & I’ll be up before Xmas.

  3. chris kay ⋅

    hey, have you been in lochain since going to do occidental discovery? do you know how chute route is looking? heading up this weekend. keep the pics coming, it’s keeping me going! cheers man, chris

    • Hey Chris

      It’s all change up here just now with all the wind and snow that’s about just now and over the next few days. Chute Route often takes a while to form, but it may be getting there with some of these temperature fluctuations that are happening?


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