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Fickle Winter Conditions

Morning views across Loch Morlich into the N. Corries

The hills looked particularly wind blasted this morning from the Ski road, crags still looked quite black from afar. There are some reports out there of O.K. winter conditions up in the N. Corries. The winter machine that is Andy Nisbet was out and about for a look and James Thacker along with Kris Hill looked like they made the most of it on Stirling Bomber.

Wind blasted snowy hills

I’m off up tomorrow for a wee look about with Dunc, don’t think we’ll go for a super early start as the winds sound like they’ll ease quite a bit later on?

Gordon enjoying some steep axe work

Today saw Gordon Wills and myself back up at Glenmore Lodge working on some pre winter fitness alongside some ice axe and crampon work.

Gordon getting to grips with the indoor tree

At the very respectable age of 60+ Gordon has now had four days of back to back winter training. We reckoned he clocked up just about enough milage to credit a Grand Course! Gordon’s now on his way back down south on the sleeper, feeling primed and ready for the up and coming winter.

Soon it'll be the real thing!


One response to “Fickle Winter Conditions

  1. SID WILLS ⋅

    Very proud of your climbing activities.
    Thanks to the great coaches who have supported my brother.



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