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Bucket Loads of Snow

It is hoofing down with snow at present and has been for most of the evening. It’s a slushy winter shower down here in Aviemore but it’ll be a white world of wind and much snow on the hill!

A view into Corrie Laoigh Mor, as the snows started earlier this evening.

It will be wild up the hill just now. Once the wind calms down it should hopefully leave behind a proper wintery white landscape both on the ground and on the vertical! 🙂

Gordon Wills putting into practice what we covered in todays training sessions

Today we made the most of what Glenmore Lodge has to offer in the way of pre-season winter training facilities. We had a busy morning session covering axe placements and body positioning on the indoor tooling wall. Then after lunch it was off to the indoor climbing wall to see how well Schmoolz Tools work on a normal climbing wall, with good results. We finished off the day with some dry tooling on the granite towers until it was too dark to climb. Great day had training, so good in fact we’re back there tomorrow!



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