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Winter is Almost Here.

I went for a wee run up in to Corrie an t-Sneachda in the Cairngorms this morning to get a first hand look at how the wintery conditions where shaping up. The wind was definitely from the South – South West and as I tried to make headway into the Corrie I was quickly slowed to a fast walk with the full blast of a 40-50 mph headwind.

Once in the Corrie there was some shelter from the wind and the freezing level felt and looked to be just around the base of the crags. Most of the crags had a splattering of snow and some sheets of thin ice where forming. But there was to much black rock still showing in between 😦

Aladdins Buttress and Fluted Buttress. Not quite in winter nick.

If the temps drop and the weather does not go too ballistic we should get some wintery conditions by the end of the week???? PLEASE!!!!!!

Here’s a wee VIDEO from today.

Panoramic of Snechda, missing out Faicall Buttress. Too much cloud and ming!

I’m working with a client over the next two days on some pre winter climbing training. We’ll have a day at the dry tooling towers and indoor dry tooling wall at Glenmore Lodge. Then off to Newtyle near Dunkeld for some slate dry tooling action.

A close up of the black and white conditions at present.

Just had a quick look at MWIS forecast and it shows some big winds and a return to wintery conditions over the next few days. All wee need to do is be patient and wait for a few more days…… JUST HURRY UP!


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