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New Snow and SRT Instructors Passed

Well last week was a big success and I have now passed the final sign off stage of my Swift Water Rescue Instructors. This allows me to run a range of SRT courses for anyone. It was a fairly stressful week as the river was high and being assessed is never an enjoyable experience. Especially four days of assessments filled with lectures, dry land practicals and in water sessions. Good to have finished it 🙂

There has been some new snow put down across the Scottish mountains over the last few days. Driving back up the road on Friday night felt like a full-on winter had arrived. Saturday was a massive thaw at all levels, striping back most of the new snow. Today (Sunday) saw a return to colder temps up high but as the clouds cleared there was a thin fresh covering of new snow but the crags where still black from bottom to top:(

I may try and winter climb tomorrow but may just go up and have a wee look. It dose look like winter is coming later on in the week with some good snow falling on the West. Unfortunately it looks like high winds will be coming with the snow, not so good in the short term but could be good come the weekend and next week.

Most forecasts are showing colder temps and conditions through out December. Fingers crossed we’ll be out there scratching about soon?

I’ll hopefully post some pics from my look about tomorrow.

Some Pics bellow to keep folks going:)

Dunc Hodgson about to embark on the first pitch of the Chancer V-6

The lovely Deziree Wilson at the top of Sterling Bomber V-7

A client battling with icy conditions on Fallout Corner V-6

One response to “New Snow and SRT Instructors Passed

  1. Steve Chadwick ⋅

    Congrats on pasing your Swift Water Rescue

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