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Bloggers Block!

Sheila styling on some Ardmair Sandstone

Bloggers blockage sounds bad but it’s been OK really. I’ve just been out and about keeping busy with work and not getting much of a chance to Blog.

Sheila involved with some rounded rock

II got home last night from a good third round of the STS series held over at Transition Extreme over in Aberdeen. Good routes set and a massive final route which unfortunately no one made it to the top of. A great night out was had last night in Aviemore, I went out dressed as a Vampire and came home painted as a Fairy. Apparently there are photo’s!

Robin cruising another Ardmair classic

I’ve had some good cragging action over the last week with trips to Moy and a stunning West coast hit with Robin and Sheila. Great to have a day back on the West again.

Nice West coast sun light on the rock, Sheila making some steep climbing look easy

Some evening bouldering just to finish us off completely

West coast sunset, days just don't last long enough (taken by Sheila)

Cranking at Transition Extreme in Aberdeen

Some good routes set for the third round of the STS series

I’m now off to El Chorro with Deziree and and a couple of mates for 10 days tomorrow. I’ll try and put up some photo’s from Spain.


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