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Winter has been and will shortly be gone :(

Paul helping set for the up and coming Lodge STS event

Had a good day setting routes today with the help of some of the Lodge Night Watch and other staff from the Lodge. Thanks for your help. It was a productive day, with nine routes getting set and it stayed dry through out, thank goodness. Hard to paint up routes when it’s raining. Got a few new ideas on the go for this years Scottish Tooling event.

Slightly distracted by the wintery backdrop conditions

We where slightly distracted by the wintery looking conditions up the hill and gutted we did not get out when we saw photo’s from some of the teams that had been up. Reports and photo’s show, crags well rimed, some ice forming, unconsolidated  snow on ledges and some pockets of wind slab. Routes that received some attention today that I know of where Savage Slit, HoreMaster, Fiacaill Ridge. Looks like it’s all going to disappear fast over the next couple of days.

Wintery today gone tomorrow!

White on the crags


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