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Yes you’ve guessed it, it has been and still is snowing hard just now on the Northern Cairngorm hills and across Scotland by the sound of it! It’s coming in on a strong S.W. wind so a lot of the hill is looking scoured but there are some areas building a good depth of snow already.

A view into Corrie an Lochan

The million dollar question is ‘is it in winter nick’, I’d put money on tomorrow we will start to see reports of routes getting done. From where I was working today the crags still had an over all black look to them. Although with the wind that’s blowing this evening and the temps forecast to drop, tomorrows more settled and colder day looks like it could be on for the first of this winters climbing conditions.

There's already more snow than this being put down!

I’m committed  to starting to set the routes for this years Glenmore Lodge round of the Scottish Tooling Series. This will be done over the next three days, leaving Saturday as the day to host the event. It will be an awesome year this year with a few surprise holds thrown in to the mix to keep people on there picks! If you fancy an early season warm up to the real winter experience this is a great way to kick start the season. The Lodge event is perfect as you can use your tools as well as crampons on the granite towers. But you’ll need to be quick as places are going fast.

Moody hills


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