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Advanced Swift Water Rescue @ Grandtully

I’m currently based down in Grandtully, Perth Shire this week working on an Advanced Swift Water Rescue Course. I’m employed this week by the excellent company A.S. Training, with the course being fronted by one of their main S.R.T. Instructors Graeme Shilland.

Fire crew working some of the advanced rope techniques.

Today was all about learning mechanical advantages to help rope rescues, anchor systems, throw bagging, rescue swimming and finished late this evening with a night swimming exercise in the river Tay.

Night swimming exercise.

The next few days will be keeping us busy with rope rescue systems, searches and lots more.

I’ve also just purchased a copy of the new SMC ‘Skye The Cullin’ guide book. At first glances it looks excellent, good size and really user friendly. Anything that helps you navigate your way round this complex area of stunning rock and mountains has to be a good thing. I’ll let you know more once I have a good look.


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