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Awesome 2011 First Round of the Scottish Tooling Series

STS 2011 Ice Factor (photo by Steve da Youth)

What an excellent start to the 2011 Scottish Tooling Series, this event being the start of four over the next two months was a great success. With all 60 places being taken for the comp this alone helped to create a vibrant yet always supportive atmosphere.

Steve Johnston on his way to a clean sweep of top marks in the qualifiers

One of the best aspects of this comp is that everyone can be involved from folks that have never tried it before but fancy a go to some of the worlds top sponsored dry tooling athletes. The Ice Factor put on a great day with ever help full staff and problems to keep everyone going until the end.

Ohh, can you feel the concentration!

I managed to came a reasonable 10th in the qualifiers, which is O.K.. Not to sure how much my charging around the Alps with a big bag on my back helped with my preparation? If you want to see the full results follow this link.

It was great to see some female competitors taking part but it would be good to see more. This is some of the best prep that you can have for the up and coming winter and a great way to meet new folks and learn lots. Also the youth contingent was lacking which was a first? They normally put us all to shame!

The end of the night was one of the best STS gatherings yet, with a packed bar at the Ice Factor and a band playing. The night was lively to say the least, the drink flowed and the banter was excellent! Still gutted I never got to ski down the stairs (maybe a good thing I was stopped!).

Thanks to all who took part and helped organise the event, nice one to team Petzl for showing us how to really climb but we showed you how to really drink!

Next ones at Glenmore Lodge on the 22nd, hope to see everyone there.


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