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1st Scottish Tooling Event of 2011!

The first of the Scottish Tooling Series start tomorrow over at Kinlochleven, I’ve just managed to grab one of the last places. Less than 10 places now available so you’ll need to get in there fast if your keen for some early season training and a good laugh!

Phil Sanderson cranking it on a Corries early season route.

Having a go defiantly sets you up well for those first routes of the season. Having already cranked and swung around on small holds at the comps your head and body are well on the way for jumping on something good when it all becomes white and wintery outside.

Even though it’s a comp the atmosphere is super supportive and you never know you may even walk away with a good prize?

Looks like the current wintery conditions are due to melt out as it warms up in to next week. I’m sure it’ll not be long before it’s back.

Here’s a few wee photo’s to keep you going, until winter comes……….. enjoy.

Dunc Hodgson enjoying some good Ben ice conditions (Minus 1?)

Dropping in for some steep turns!

My wife and Shela finding some soft and steep Scottish Powder!

Francis Blunt mixing it up on Beinn Eighe

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