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Great Alpine Times

Soaking in the early morning view.

Well that’s it for another round of Alpine Adventures. I’m now sat here at home in Aviemore, rain’s lashing down on the window, winds howling around the house and Fridays forecast for an Arctic blast. Ahh, home sweet, home!

After coming down off the Schidegwetterhorn feeling a wee bit fried, we decided on taking it easy. This lasted for a few minutes before we were off again this time bound for the ‘Cassin’ route in the Piz Badile. Arriving near Bondo late that night barely able to stay awake, we found a quiet forest spot and parked up for some well needed rest. Waking early the next morning we headed in to Bondo where we could just catch a glimpse of the Face and the Cassin route. Gutted but partly relieved we could see snow plastered on the face, no classic final rock route but no thrashing up to the hut for another bivi.

Some breakfast was munched and another plan hatched, Piz Bernina was not to far away and sported a super classic alpine ridge. Bianco Grat, why not, this was turning into an Alpine ridge classic ticking mission (West Grat, East Grat, Scheideggwetterhorn Ridge / Pillar……… Bianco Grat surly follows?

Ken'Dog shuffling up the classic snow ridge.

The walk in was lovely, quite long but not too much height gain. We had packed thinking the hut would be closed, so we had our wee pack of pasta, some cup a soup and the obligatory supply of bars! Arriving at the hut and finding it open, we initially just paid for a bed and decided to stick to our money saving plan of ming pasta and soup. This of course lasted five minutes before we booked ourselves in for full dinner and breakfast and where sat outside sipping a fine cold beer.

Good Times!

A 0330 wake up is always going to be rude, but worth it. We climbed the route in about six hours and descended it in about two hours. Fast considering how hollow our legs felt on the walk in.

The route is just stunning in every way, involved enough to keep you interested but enjoyable. Differing sections of glacier, ridge, snow crest, rock…….. all well travelled and oh SO stable compared to the previous route! The sun rise that accompanied us to the summit was breathtaking.

What a stunning route to finish an amazing Alpine trip on!


One response to “Great Alpine Times

  1. Ahhh, I used to see this stuff first hand, jealous!! Looks like you had a great run of conditions, nice.

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