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Alpine Bound

Well Folks,

This is it, just off the phone to Kenny G. and his van has been given the all clear by the garage. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go (I just know I’m going to forget something).

I’ve spent the last few days putting a new wooden floor down, sanding ceilings, weeding the garden and cutting the grass….. I now have the green light to be Alpine Bound.

Our plan is to tag team the drive down the U.K., I’m getting picked up in Dalwhinnie about 2000 and all being well, 12hrs later should see us on the Ferry to France. I wish I could say I’m looking forward to the drive…….

I received a couple of emails confirming rain out in the Alps just now, sounding like snow is down to 1500m around Chamonix. Good news is it’s still looking like a good forecast from Tuesday onwards. Rumor has it that some N. Faces are in excellent condition.  Good knowledge supplied by  Stu Macdonald, a Chamonix based Brittish Guide.

With all the traveling over the next few days I will probably  not get a chance to update my Blog but I’ll try my best.

Here’s some photo’s to keep you going:

Some well organised kit, ready for packing!

Bin Bivi! An enforced road side Bivi, hopefully none of these on this trip. Van power!

The mighty yellow van, winging past a village near you soon!

It will be worth the drive!

Some N. Face action


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