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First Time Blogging !!!!!!!

Hey Folks

Well this is it, a start of something new, welcome to my Blog.

I plan to update this with news and reports from my times out and about playing and working in the great outdoors, as well as helpful posts on current summer / winter conditions.

I’ve just finished a few weeks of working in Scotland, paddling big swollen rivers and seeking dry rock in the far flung North West.

I pack for the Alps tomorrow, the plan being to drive out with Kenny Grant for some Alpine Action. It’s currently snowing down to 2000m out in the Alps until Tuesday but it’s looking good thereafter. Fingers crossed for some settled Alpine weather and some settled Alpine mountains. Don’t think we will be venturing anywhere near the Dru, having seen how much rock it’s shedding!  (Check out the report in ukclimbing)

Hope you enjoy my Blog and find it useful.

Here are a few Alpine photo’s to whet the appetite……

A Fine Alpine View

Some Good Times

Alpine Action

10 responses to “First Time Blogging !!!!!!!

  1. Susie ⋅

    First to post!!! Yeah!!!! Its ace.. Love the logo! Susie

  2. Trevor ⋅

    Yo Mark, Glad you finally got it up and running. Give me a shout when you get back. No photos of our day at Stac P?

  3. Ha ha it was only a matter of time! You will be on Twitter next!..

  4. stukni

    Nice one chadders, looking forward to being made very jealous of all your escapades……like the piece on the Dru!

    • Thanks Stu

      Do you have a business web address as I’d like to say thanks and put a link up to you. I played around with what you showed me at the weekend and I’m fairly chuffed with the outcome of the first post. Thanks again.


  5. Nice blog Mark, major twinge of envy, as I have just started back to work!
    All the best on what looks like an epic trip – all the best

  6. Jenny ⋅

    Looks great Mark, hope you have a good trip!

  7. Deziree Wilson ⋅

    Nice one Badwick! Love the pics of the trip so far – very jealous. : ))
    Lots of love from
    Yer wife at hame doin the DIY but a Mac that disnae work. >:((

  8. Jennifer M ⋅

    Wow! Good Looking Blog and beautiful photos. Dates of your entries would be useful to the casual visitor. (Me!)
    Am returned home from my own wanderings but confined to barracks by a nasty and lingering kidney infection. No fun.
    Love to you and Dez.

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